About Atovi

Atovi is a filipino-invented product based on molecular alteration, nuclear reaction and nanotechnology. It is a feed premix powder made from vitamins and minerals. However, it is radically different from conventional feed premixes in the market. It has no medication and nutritional value due to molecular alteration making the final product with one long molecular chain with revolutionary effects on the physiology and immune system of livestocks.

Atovi’s high micropotential energy charges immediately the cells’ mitochondria ( cells power house) and immediately runs the atp pumps to run the kreb cycle (cells whole mechanism) that is, all cells of  all organs i.e. liver, kidneys, heart, intestinal tracts, muscles, bones, etc., at all levels of the animal, making normal cells efficient while the deteriorating and sickly cells are revitalized, rejuvenated and restored ultimately making them efficient too. Once the body cells are efficient, they automatically regenerate and increase the immune system and anti bodies.

Atovi corrects and maintains the digestive system properly. Through this all nutritional and medication inputs are absorbed and utilized properly and efficiently. Proof of this is the almost total absence of undigested proteins in the manure and the very low ammonia fumes which produce the foul odors ending up into a non-pathogenic & organic fecal waste and further decomposition is not needed.

Since all nutrients, i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. And medications are absorbed and utilized properly the animal’s internal organs and glands also perform effectively.  This results in enhanced metabolism. Further, there is a marked decrease in feeds intake. Atovi induces natural detoxification or expulsion of harmful compounds or xenobiotics such as synthetic drugs, natural poisons and antibiotics on the cellular level making the products like meat, eggs and others free from anti biotic, chemical and medication residues.

With metabolism performing properly, the genetic potentials and performance, like that of the immune system, are strengthened. The animals have greater stamina. They do not easily contract diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. In cases when medications have to be administered such medicines are readily absorbed and utilized ensuring faster recovery. Mortality is significantly lessened.

atovi is applied to all stages of animal raising, from breeding to fattening. Atovi can be administered to practically all animals, i.e. hogs, broilers, layers (chicken, ducks, quails, etc), cattle, goats, sheep, lambs, horses, pet dogs, cats & birds, etc.

In general, the benefits attained in using atovi feed premix are:

  1. Faster growing period
  2. Increase profitability   
  3. Lower feed conversion or feed intake
  4. higher livability
  5. Improved & enhanced breeding operations
  6. More harvests per year
  7. Good sizes of eggs and  egg shell quality
  8. Higher production rate
  9. Longer laying period
  10. shorter molting period
  11. Minimal medications
  12. Lower power and water expenses
  13. Elimination of chemicals for treating manure
  14. demand higher farm gate price due to superior meat quality
  15. healthier and safer produce (meat, eggs & milk)
  16. tastier & leaner meat/eggs/milk without the rancid smell
  17. Less cholesterol
  18. Free of antibiotic and chemical residues
  19. Thin back fat
  20. High carcass percentage
  21. environment-friendly waste / less ammonia
  22. Pathogen-free and dry manure with no foul or odious smell
  23. Lower bacterial load
  24. Higher motility
  25. Greater uniformity in litter/brood size & weight
  26. Higher hatchability percentage
  27. Early return to heat
  28. Prevent scouring
  29. High resistance to bacterial and viral infections and diseases such as hogs – prrs, hog cholera/flu, coccidia, fmd, etc.; poultry – ncd, dermatitis, etc.

A.    I kilo pouch
B.    25 kilo bag


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