How Atovi Works

Charges & improves the electrical potential energy in the mitochondria, (power house of the cell) to run immediately the ATP pumps likewise that of the Kreb Cycle (Eukaryotic cells whole mechanism), within the whole cellular structure and make the eukaryotic physiological system & genetic potentials & everything inside the animals body to perform efficiently most particularly in the absorption and conversion of all the medication and nutritional input and converted it into meat, eggs and milk. It also increases simultaneously the immune system and anti-bodies due to cells regeneration, as a result, the animal have high resistance to diseases, grow and gain weight faster with less feed consumption resulting early harvest to market. Significant ammonia reduction on fecal waste, fecal waste becomes automatically organic due to very low presence of undigested protein which serves as food for the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, negligible methane content on fecal waste thus support preservation of the ozone layer and also support in great reduction of bacterial load within the area.


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How Atovi Arrives on Antibiotic, Chemical and Medication Residue Free on Meat and Egg Making it Natural and Organic. (click to view PDF Format)

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