Organic Aqua Feeds

Our organic aqua feeds deliver three (3) unique and distinct actions. The first action comes when the feeds are ingested. Just like with livestock the same action is performed on the cells of cultured fishes and crustaceans, i.e. making them more efficient. This results in lower feed intake but ensuring faster growth. Through the atovi effect their immune systems are enhanced minimizing risks to aquatic diseases and viral attacks. 

atovi aqua feedsThe second action is sustaining a balanced marine eco-system. The uneaten feeds, instead of decaying and thereby polluting the water, fertilize and propagate the growth of algae and planktons. These are the normal and natural foods of fishes and crustaceans. At certain stocking density levels the use of commercial feeds can be eliminated. This is most critical in the first two (2) months of the growth cycle. The growth of algae ensures the abundant supply of dissolved oxygen which is essential in the survival and growth of marine animals. Water quality is always well-maintained and balanced, minimizing periodic changing of water after each harvest.

The third action is the culture and production of organically or naturally grown fishes and crustaceans assuring superior meat quality, taste and texture without the rancid smell. For tropical or aquarium fishes the natural colors are naturally enhanced and highlighted.

The benefits attained from using our organic aqua feeds are:

  1. Dramatic increase in livability.
  2. Faster growth rate, by at least one (1) month
  3. Significant decrease in use of supplemental commercial feeds, if not total elimination at certain stocking density levels
  4. Conservation of precious water resource and marine eco-system
  5. Improvement and enhancement of the immune system preventing or minimizing risks of contracting diseases and/or ensuring faster recovery from diseases upon application or administration of medicines
  6. More marketable and saleable produce that are grown naturally
  7. Improved and enhanced fertility of breeders

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Organic Aqua Feeds Flow Chart (How it made natural and organic fish, prawns, crabs and how it bought back the natural marine ecosystem)

How Atovi Powered Organic Aqua Feeds Works  

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